Cute Gushy Romantic Love Stories

My best friend & his wife run a blog, The Crows Nest. Recently they both shared their love stories. Considering my own insufficient capacity to witness to the wonderful sacrament of marriage, I really felt it important to share it. In fact, they have always had an important part in my vocation. They were the two friends that I asked for a letter of recommendation to include in my application. I share the date of my Solemn Vows & Religious Consecration as an Augustinian with their Wedding Anniversary.

My friend, initialed JJ on The Crow’s Nest, shares The Love Story: His Version. JJ & I used to have a Rap Crew together, well a couple. I will tell a little about it on my next hip hop album. We knew each other since we were young, but really became good friends in college. He mentions the part about going to daily Mass at community college, I was the one who started that (Go figure the one with the religious vocation would be obsessed with daily Eucharist!). This isn’t a rap story, but a love story, and that is what he talks about.

My friend, more importantly my friend’s beloved wife, Kat, writes The Love Story: Her Version. Having known her since HS, but not having been friends until the end of HS and throughout College. The first time I really remember connecting with her was at a Discipleship Week with NET in 2001. She, subsequently joined them for a year. She has always inspired me as a little sister in Christ.

If I can summarize something about either of them, is the prayerful deliberation. Unlike myself, my friends here are not very compulsive. They are exciting, adventurous, but perhaps not as compulsive as me.  But more than that, their courting and engagement were always marked by mutual encouragement and prayer. Dating is a discernment process, and it seems clear therefore, that a couple should be praying throughout their discernment. However, what is so much more wonderful than this, is that a couple that opens to each other in mutual intimacy with the Lord is entering into a Sacred place that not many people have the joy of knowing.