Divorce, Suicide, Depression, and a Meaningless Existence

I read a recent article, and had a discussion over the high likelihood of suicide among teen sons.  New York Times cover it here.  Apparently, boys are three times as likely to commit suicide then girls.

I read another article, again in the New York Times, covering a Record Level of stress or depression among College Freshmen here.  Terry Mattingly, in his Get Religion Blog, asks the question he always does, if faith, or the lack of it plays any role in their high levels of stress and depressions (article here).

I had intended to say something on divorce.  Apparently my generation has the least favorable views on divorce.  Could it be the fact that our parents make divorce a guiltless and shameless, and even consequence free issue?  I have seen enough of my friends who have had divorced parents struggle with self hatred, depression, and meaningless to think there is some truth to this article.  However, I am lucky enough to not have known somebody personally who actually did take their life.  Yet, I think their blood cries out to heaven, in the sense, that some great injustice has happened.  Children of divorced are often demanded to have compassion on their parents, just like ever other person in the world.  They are demanded to be mature and understanding.  Yet, do their parents look to be compassionate and understanding to them?

I think it is a worthy question to ask those preparing for marriage, more then accuse the divorce (Who probably could not reasonably predict the catastrophe wrought on their children):  Ask those preparing for marriage: “Do you know that a divorce could have devastating results on the life of their children?”

Imagine this… Parents acknowledging their marriage was a mistake.  How are their kids not supposed to reason that their own very life, their own existence is not likewise a mistake.  How does it feel to cope with such existential desperation at losing your stability, coupled with your own inherent personal self understanding?

I linked the second article, simply because I think the same generation that is plagued by divroced parents is coping with college.  There might be a connection.  There is so much you can ask why young people’s lives feel so stressed and meaningless.

I think the Providence and Paranoia piece can play here too.