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I have been a regular writer & contributor for New Evangelizers since September 2012, a blog for the New Evangelization. Here, you will find regularly updated external links to my essays.

When NET Ministries Evangelized Me 05.21.13

NET Ministries evangelized me at a DWeek retreat in 2001 at the age of 17. There could be a lot that I could write about the good that they do, and I though there might be something that we could learn from their example. Read More at New Evangelizers

Mary, Old Devotions, and the New Evangelization 05.07.13

Mary has an important role in the New Evangelization. I think that is easy enough to accept, but in what way, and how is her role engaged in the New Evangelization? That is not always clear to me. Read More at New Evangelizers

Augustine & Conversion 04.23.12

Tomorrow, April 24, my community will be celebrating the Conversion of Saint Augustine. As some of you know, I am an Augustinian Friar, and we, as well as many other Religious Orders, have a calendar of unique Feasts. April 24 commemorates Augustine’s conversion, as perhaps any conversion ought to mark celebration (Luke 15:7). Historically, April 24 would have more likely marked Augustine’s actual Baptism at the Easter Vigil, rather then his conversion in the garden… Read More at New Evangelizers

Finding (and Sharing) Your Faith 04.09.13

In between the awkwardly drunken apology—”Father, nothing bad happening over here!”—and the even more awkwardly inappropriate woman’s misplaced flirting, I can understand why most priests I know prefer to stay away from wedding receptions. I was not technically a groomsman, yet I was practically one. Although I did not appear dressed as one, I was pretty much doing groomsman stuff. I was a constant reminder to everyone present of his own faith… Read More at New Evangelizers

The Sacrament of the New Evangelization 03.26.13

Can there really be such a thing? In all our endeavors and mission, could one sacrament receive such a label? Cardinal Timothy Dolan suggested that it was Reconciliation in the recent Synod on the New Evangelization, while Cardinal Donald Wuerl likewise elaborates in his new book New Evangelization, which details some of the Synod findings… Read More at New Evangelizers

Sede Vacante Twitter Account 03.03.13

It looks like we have the newest papal interregnum ritual: the Sede Vacante @Pontifex Twitter account… Read More at New Evangelizers

The Scandal of Childlike Faith 02.26.13

Catholics have a very intriguing view of the faith life of children compared to many other American Christians. It is perhaps absurd practice to nonbelievers of every shade. Read More at New Evangelizers

Confidence in the Faith, our Youth Ministry Retreat and Xtreme Discipleship 01.29.13

This past weekend I served and assisted in a Youth Ministry themed: “Confidence in the Faith.” Appropriate for the Year of Faith and the Holy Father’s call for the New Evangelization, it was also appropriate for what we discerned from reading the Sunday Readings. Read More at New Evangelizers

I am a Product of the New Evangelization 01.15.13

I can say plenty of awesome things about what the New Evangelization is, how it is best to go about it, how one can be successful, and how to do it in 3 easy steps. I have been affected by it. Read More at New Evangelizers

The Importance of the Incarnation for the New Evangelization 01.03.13

The great solemn feast of Christ’s Birth, and thus the entrance of God’s Son into human history, coincides with the Winter Solstice. The Epiphany of God’s Revelation to his people, the light to all the nations, coincides with deep dark evening of Winter… Read More at New Evangelizers

The New Evangelization on tumblr 12.04.13

Facebook, WordPress, & Youtube are not the only place for the New Evangelization… there’s also tumblr! The Los Angeles times reports that Tumblr has now become one of the top 10 social network sites. At this point there are some 168 million users… Read More at New Evangelizers

Knowing the Person of Jesus 11.20.12

Being that the World Synod of Bishops recently covered the theme of the New Evangelization, I had been mining for quotes, ideas, and themes to engage here… Read More at New Evangelizers

Participating in the Paschal Mystery 11.06.12

For us, who wish to proclaim Christ in this New Evangelization, the Catechism makes it quite clear that it “stands at the center of the Good News of the Apostles, and the Church following them, are to proclaim to the world…” (CCC 571)… Read More at New Evangelizers

Better Than the News 10.23.12

It would be silly to suggest that something we ever read in a paper, by some cold staid “scholars,” about some antique writing, would mean anything to us compared to our experience of the Risen Christ… Read More at New Evangelizers

Is There Any Good News Anymore 10.11.12

Can there be any good news in a culture of consumers and materialists bored with everything obsessing over replacing their currently obsolete new smart phone… Read More at New Evangelizers

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