Augustinian Link

As you may know, I am an Augustinian Friar. I created an Augustinian themed tumblr Friar Friend (also available on twitter), to make Augustine Viral. I am currently collaborating with one of our student Friars on this site.

These are links to some of the texts dealing with Augustinian Life & Spirituality.


The Essentials

Introduction to the Series → 08.18.12
The Augustinian Crest → 08.18.12
The Rule of Augustine → 08.19.12

The Augustinian Family

Urban Monks & Mendicant Orders → 08.31.12
Mendicants, Prophets → 10.09.12
The Friars → 12.19.12
The Contemplative Sisters → 01.07.13
Augustinian Laity

Augustinian Spirituality

Augustinian Interiority and the Search for Truth → 08.20.12
Augustinian Friendship and Common Life → 08.21.12
Augustinian Apostolic Life in the Church → 08.22.12
An Augustinian Basis for Collaborative Leadership → 08.26.12

Me & Augustine: A Personal story of my friendship with the Saint

Part 1: Conversion and High School → 08.23.12
Part 2: College, Chastity, & the Confessions → 08.24.12
Part 3: Formation with the Augustinians → 08.25.12

Augustine & Augustinians Art

The Life of Augustine, San Gimignano, Italy → 08.19.12
Augustine Iconography, San Diego, CA → 08.20.12
Augustinian Saints Mural, Los Angeles, CA → 08.21.12

Videos on Augustinians

VIDEO: Augustinians in North America Video → 08.18.12
VIDEO: Rome Reports: The Augustinianum Patristic Institute → 08.21.12
VIDEO: Fr Martin Laird discusses Contemplative Prayer → 08.24.12
VIDEO: Rome Reports: Augustine Film → 08.27.12

Augustinian Tradition

Sequence for the Solemnity of Saint Augustine → 08.28.12
Augustinian Prayer for Vocations → 08.19.12
Prayer through the Intercession of Saint Augustine → 08.28.12
Our Lady of Grace in the Augustinian Tradition → 08.27.12
The Augustinian Rosary: The Corona of Our Lady of Consolation → 08.23.12
The Augustinian Septinarium for the Dead → 08.24.12
Augustijn Ale → 08.21.12

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