Thanks for visiting Priest Hip Hop. This is a support site for my tumblr page, where I do most of my blogging. I use this for longer form text posts.

I am Father Mark Menegatti, OSA and you might be wondering about me or what I’m is all about.

“OSA” = Order of Saint Augustine, I am heir to a 1600 year tradition of Augustinian Spirituality. 13th cent. foundation, with a spiritual foundation of the man Augustine of Hippo. His Confessions are world renowned for making Christian Spirituality so sensually engaging, and likewise for being so intellectually candid. As an Augustinian Friar, I am less an Augustinian Theologian, as much as a Spiritual Son, who like Augustine is a Lover of Spiritual Beauty.

“Mark Menegatti” = Born in Los Angeles, and spent most of my young life in San Gabriel California. Druggy, loser, almost high school drop-out, and Hip Hop saved my life. Or did God use Hip Hop to reach me? I leave it up to you.

“Father” / “Brother” = As a Brother, or Friar, in the Order, I have spent the past seven years in rigorous spiritual and academic training. Aside from my Augustinian Formation, I went to San Diego State University, & graduated from Saint Xavier University in Chicago. I received a Masters in Divinity at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.

“Hip Hop” = Hip Hop shaped me in so many brilliant ways, and turned me over to an adventure with God.  I try to reconcile the authentic and classic form of Hip Hop culture which is often at variance if not a dichotomy to what the mainstream entertainment media personifies under that name.  I have recently completed my first Hip Hop project as a Friar: Revolution of the Heart, and am currently working on my follow-up project

More of My Personal Story

I have posted a several posts sharing my personal story, written in the context of different angles. My most extent personal faith Testimony is part of Christology series, beginning here, in which I deal with my understanding of Christ throughout my life. The Christology series covers my Conversion/Reversion, as well as a bit of my Vocation. On the New Evangelizers Blog, I wrote a few personal posts: I am a product of the New Evangelization, & about experiencing Discipleship. I have also written a series on my Friendship with Augustine on my Friar Friendship tumblr, which is available here.

As an ordained minister, I have already publicly pledged fidelity to Church teaching. I do not believe it necessary to preface any post by saying that. I will not write anything in defiance or challenge to official Church teaching. I may, however, challenge Catholics in their practice and application of it. This will be the case when it is a sin against charity, manipulating Orthodoxy as an excuse for evil. In places where I am in error, particular if defined by competent Ecclesiastical Authorities, and not necessarily the combox inquisition, I submit to the Church.

You can also find me elsewhere on the web:

frmarkhiphop.tumblr @frmarkosa on twitter + Fr Mark Like Fr Mark Like Fr Mark frmarkhiphop.bandcamp  SoundCloud


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