An update about my dad’s ongoing health crisis

Several months ago, I made a post about my dad’s health condition. I haven’t made an update, because this health issue has been ongoing. My dad had West Nile Virus for a few weeks, but was bedridden for more than a month. Although he has been quite healthy for someone in his upper 60s, the severe summer heat before the illness probably reduced much of his regular physical activity (regular morning dog walks and daily afternoon swimming), as well as reduced his appetite and appropriate diet.

Just to recap.
Sept 21, my dad gets brought to ER, and is in acute care for several days. He is asleep most of the time, and on a feeding tube.
Oct 1, my dad is diagnosed with West Nile Virus. No clear idea of how long recovery will be.
early/mid Oct, my dad is moved out of the hospital, and is probably fully recovered from the virus, but still incredibly weak.
late Oct, my dad is moved to a facility specializing in Physical Therapy to help in recover strength. He remains on the feeding tube.
Nov 8-10, Veteran’s Day weekend, my dad shows signs of physical recovery, cognizance, motor skills, swallowing, etc, but still needs several weeks to recover adequately before being sent home.

It is Thanksgiving this week, and my dad is not home. Sometimes I am not sure that he is confused thinking that I do not live 2.5 hours away in San Diego, and live with him in San Gabriel. I also feel bad for him, as he feel frustrated, unable to move about freely, or eat food he enjoys etc.

None of this is terminal, and at no stage has that been an real issue. That hasn’t stopped us from feeling that way at times. Also, this has not caused severe, or even minor permanent damage. Although there were neurological side effects to the infection, it is not like a stroke that causes irreversible brain/nervous system damage (speech impairment etc).

As I am in a full time position down here, I cannot get away during the week to visit him. This has put the burden on my brother in most cases. Add this to the fact that he is planning his wedding that had been scheduled for January. I had to cancel my plans this fall of helping out with prison ministry on the weekends, as all of my weekends belong to my family now. It has been a headache for me when we have school events on the weekends that I initially did commit to.

There are other challenges and strains that I don’t want to get into. It has been two months and a few days, and it will drag on for another month. Hours before we received the diagnosis on October 1, I felt a voice deep down in me telling me that it will drag on for several months. I had no reason to want to think that, or believe it. I still, after two months, don’t want to believe that. Anyways, my dad, my family, and his dog can still use your prayers.


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