The Media & The Upcoming Papal Election

I must admit, I am taking immense pleasure at the fact that the Cardinals took several days to decide when to start the Conclave, causing the Press and the Media to become FRANTIC!!!

It appears that the Sistine Chapel has just closed, meaning that the Conclave will probably start within the week. I was hoping that the Cardinals could stall it a couple more days to cause the Press to go mad, but it’s not the business of the Church to drive the media up the wall (even as much as I want it to). It’s really the job of the Press to drive itself up the wall, overly caffeinated on a sleepless overseas 24 hr internet news cycle, when most people are not  really that obsessed. Besides, the Church doesn’t cave in to it’s demands.

There Is No Papal Candidate, No Magic Pope To Save The Church

Really? Is it that easy? Are the problems in the world that simple? Are the problems in the Church that simple?

People keep saying Catholics are leaving the Church in droves, that nones and unaffiliates are the fastest growing religious denomination. If the magic pope came in he would reign in on heresy! If the magic pope came in he would ordain women and bring all kinds of people back in the Church! Magic Pope! Magic Pope!!!I don’t know if that indicates that, at large, people are leaving a Church they were never brought up to practice. How could you leave something you never identified with?

But I am sure if we just had the magic pope, he could rescue us all right? That’s not the business of Popes to save and rescue. It never has been. To teach, and care for, and sanctify…

But instead of blaming a Pope, blaming millenials, blaming the media, blaming Baby-Boomers and the Post Vatican II generation, blaming the secular media. Instead I am going to proclaim Christ. Instead I am going to Trust the Holy Spirit.

Don’t Let The Media’s Misunderstanding Get to You. They don’t influence the Cardinals or the Holy Spirit!

Please don’t let fears of the media’s misunderstanding of our faith cloud you with doubts. I see it happen. I see good Catholics upset that the inept media isn’t getting the story right. Please, good Catholics, don’t overestimate them. Please, don’t underestimate the Spirit.

I know many of you have felt nervous that the MSM is twisting, or will further twist this event.

Look, THEY DO NOT have such power or influence of us. Don’t deceive yourself, and flatter them that they do. The mainstream media HAS NEVER had power over the Spirit or the Church. The facts of the Pope’s resignation are there, and the MSM CAN NEVER define them, even if they mix up the story. the MSM CANNOT EVER EVER actually manipulate truth, for Truth is Christ. Finally, the MSM WILL NEVER change the course of our Church, Nor CAN IT EVER or WILL IT EVER twist the movements of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t flatter them, the MSM don’t have a monopoly on Truth. The Twitterverse does not have a monopoly on Truth. Rather, Truth, who is Christ has us. Rather Christ who is Truth possesses us.


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