Mutual Encouragement for Chastity

I have talked about Mutual Encouragement for Chastity. I thought it deserves attention over the Rape Culture Report of monday.

Just as guys being guys can drag each other into hell for their reckless immorality, guys can build eachother up, and help each other become men. I have referred to this before, in addition to one of the important resources for Chastity.

Today, things are complicated when chastity is stifled in secular western culture, paralyzed at the thought that anyone’s conscience could ever be slightly touched with shame. But, in my experience, many people are shamed for virginity, are publically humiliated with plenty of verbal insults and banther. On the flipside, I have never, in my nearly 30 years of life, ever seen someone publically and personally put down or called out for their not being chaste.

So, it has happened, that I have talked with a few friends after they have broken up with someone. In several of the cases, it was because the person did not share their values in chastity. That, despite being a practicing Catholic, or even a semi-practicing Catholic, some people aren’t really committed to chastity and saving sex for marriage. They decided to end their dating relationship based on that.

I think that is marvelous. They trust their conscience, or perhaps their gut, however their feeling it out. Yet, they did the right thing. I think its important to reinforce that. In one case, I called the person back after conversation to tell them, another time, I literally cut them off midsentence to remind them of how admirable their action is.

It is very important to keep in mind with your friends. Next time a friend of yours breaks up for chastity, instead of telling them cliché stuff like “You’ll find someone better,” “Maybe they’ll come around,” “They’re such a loser for not understanding you,” Tell them: “I’m glad to have friends like you that stand for the right thing.”

If you are reading this right now, and that is you, I just want to extend my respect and admiration for you. Thanks for being chaste, I am glad to have brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world enduring the same struggle.


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