Rape & It’s Rewards Neuter and Emasculate Men

As per our friend Marc Barnes, the Bad Catholic, I came across this disgusting story about a High School Football team, Gang Rape coverup. In order that the good ol’ football team heroes rake in money, sheriffs, coaches, lawyers, and other adults not only covered up the rape culture, but in some ways were rewarding their football heroes with test cheats, porn, drugs, and other immorality.

In complete angry and unreserved passion, I offer my reactions. I am not skilled in dealing with anybody who has survived rape, and this is more written for men, in order that men may have something to think about, and how there is nothing inherently manly or masculine about rape. I know and understand that there may be other ways to approach the issue, and I leave it to others to do so in a way they see more fitting.

At the root of this rape culture, is an idea of dotting and coddling their boys into perpetual adolescents. Coddling and dotting, and emasculating, and neutering these boys by persistently rewarding their mediocrity. Emasculating and neutering these boys from every maturing into an awareness of consequences and responsibility.

Not only is it commonplace for people to become paralyzed at the thought of ever holding youth to any moral standard at all, guys in all their testosterone will smother themselves in reckless unchaste immorality.

There is nothing daring about this, nothing bold, nothing admirable, nothing courageous, nothing virtuous. Nothing. Nothing admirable in manipulating and taking advantage of women, nothing virtuous in a limitless indulgence in porn and drugs, nothing courageous in hiding from the responsibility of adulthood, nothing manly about covering up rape.

I remember in high school, girls were telling me that Cosmo type mags were authoritatively declaring to them that guys were mentally obsessed with sex: Ergo, they reasoned that perhaps the most meaningful pursuit for a teenage girl would be to put all their “prudish hang-ups” aside, ultra sex-ify themselves, and please the pervs. Although I was fully immersed in this guy culture that unabashadly took advantage of women, I found myself troubled. Even myself troubled, at the time, a reckless amoral libertine. Even I found myself troubled at the thought. Not only was my entire existence being limited by and for my genitals, but even my human will and freedom.

I think we need to think of how being easy on adolescent boys is an absolute mandatum is not helpful for their maturity. Just take a quick look at guys mags that blur the line or chasm between malignant rape and “guys-just-having-some-innocent-guy-fun-whats-the-problem?”

In addition to this, there is a major difference between not withholding consequences from someone and forgiving them. Withholding consequences, withholding someone of their responsibility, is not the same thing as mercy or forgiveness.

Perhaps the only time that I ever yelled at teens in all my years in ministry was for a guy swearing that, as a guy, he’s entitled to fantasize, sexualize, and objectify women, because hey, that’s just what guys are, their personhood is merely an extension of their testosterone and genitals.

Anyways, I think the God’s Kingdom offers a solid alternative to save us from our obstinate self-annihilation…


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