New Evangelizers: Is There Any Good News?

In the past couple weeks, I have indicated that I am engaging in a new
writing project. The writing project is with the New Evangelizers Blog! As
today marks the beginning of the Year of Faith, the anniversary of the
opening of Vatican II, and the Synod of the New Evangelization, I have my
first blog post. Is There Any Good News?”.

It’s almost as if, young people only come in hues of jaded and cynical.
It’s as if there is no good news left. So my post is a challenge not to
water down the proclamation of the gospel by “preaching at all times, using
words when necessary.” For the New Evangelization, I do not believe it is

I had been feeling a drawing in the past several months to dedicate in
depth reflection to the topic of the New Evanglization, and then this
opportunity presented itself. Please be sure to follow the link, and read
it all. I will be published regularly about twice a month. Any bit of
support means the world.

It’s Official, I’ve Been Published! “Is There Any Good News”


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