The Things I miss about Facebook…

Well not me, Andrew Sciba, who writes regularly on Truth & Charity. Be sure to read it here. I think, by the tone of the piece, it almost sounds like Andrew doesn’t miss Facebook all that much. He does sum up the advantage like this:

Three months later, I find that my world is smaller and more closely connected with those that matter. I communicate with people rather than broadcasting my life to whatever people might be listening. The news in my life has become more intentional and I have become more intentional with those who share their lives with me.

I thought it might be fortuitous if I came up with a similar list of things I miss on Facebook, or even a list of subtle criticisms. The fact is, all I can do is echo this point which is made here by Andrew. I feel “more closely connected with those who matter.”

Over the past month or so, around my birthday, I did not get hundreds upon hundreds of birthday wishes from people I barely talk to. The closest and most significant people in my life are not on Facebook, or if they are, I do not actually interact with them very much on there. I got several phone calls. I had a handful of small celebrations. The fact that I am not on Facebook actually makes the connections feel more connected. I think that being on Facebook magnifies the isolation that is rather insignificant when you don’t even look to Facebook to “solve” it.

I justified my presence on Facebook for the past year, believing that my presence would be Evangelizing. The fact is that nobody was seeing any of the posts about the Good News that I was posting (or posting through tumblr). Maybe if I had a smart phone, and spent several hours a day on there, more people would see it. I just don’t feel that that is appropriate for a Religious and/or Seminarian. I do feel that I belong here on tumblr, & on twitter. Maybe those of you who have more time & a smart phone might take up your responsibility in the New Evangelization.

The Things I miss about Facebook…


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