October For the Holy Angels

October for the Angels, November for the Saints in Heaven. September 29: The Archangels, October 2: The Guardian Angels. November 1: All Saints, November 2: All Souls.

Little is now known on this ancient tradition of October for the Holy Angels.

The character and mood of Liturgical Time in Autumn coincides with death, particularly in November. The short days, the long nights. The year is ending. The Feasts of the Saints & All the dead sanctifies Autumn as the resonances of graces carry throughout the month, culminating in the Feast of Christ the King our Judge.

Little known, or lost is the tradition of October for the Holy Angels. In the old Calendar (predating the Tridentine Calendar), each of the Archangels had a separate feast. Michael Archangel’s feast was on September 29, however. This coincided with the Autumnal Equinox, when the dark of night seems to overpower the day. Likewise, it would be most appropriate for us to intensely rely on St. Michael, and our Guardian Angels whenever the darkness of temptation, sin and evil seems as if it will overpower us.

Accorded the same logic of the feasts that sanctify time & space, I think a revival of this ancient tradition is in Order. Although I do not believe this precludes, nor eliminates praying the Rosary, I think the mood of October is fortuitous for a greater deliberate devotion to the Holy Angels in addition to the Rosary.


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