Revolution People

Revolution is for Priests commission for the sacred symbols
Consecrated for the mission, heir to the sacramental syllables
Habitually sacrificing your body offering the holy in reception
That is your holy worship pleasing to God attaining to perfection
Revolution is for Royalty, the responsible elite, the Kings, the Queens,
Elected for stewardship of the providential design of divine dreams
Guardian entrusted with the sacred proclamation of sacred mysteries
manifesting Heaven’s Reign of one mind and heart with the One King
Revolution is for Prophets commission for charismatic speech
Standing on behalf of the Almighty that in order to boldly preach
A Good News subversive to sinful oppression misery and greed
To harmonize with tradition’s kerygma a word to rouse the weak
Revolution is the submersion and sacramental death of self
The end to your personal corruption and desire for false wealth
United in the bowels of the earth with the Christ descended to hell
Sanctified in Risen Life, People of Paschal Fire that cannot be squelched

You’re a Priestly People
You’re a Royal People
You’re a Prophetic People
You’re a Revolution People


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