Lady Gaga is unwelcome in Asia

Apparently Lady Gaga’s world tour was not welcome in Jakarta Indonesia. Apparently there have been massive protests elsewhere.

…the negative response to Gaga’s hypersexualized and iconoclastic performances was not isolated to extremists, nor to the country of Indonesia. Gaga’s religion-insulting concert tour and other, similar forms of entertainment are increasingly ill-received throughout the region of Southeast Asia and beyond, and reflect a growing indignation at what is perceived as an American cultural imperialism that treats the moral values of other countries with contempt…

Lady Gaga should hardly be surprised at the reaction of Asian Christians and Muslims to her on-stage antics, which she has repeatedly acknowledged are calculated to generate controversy, and which serve her economic interests as a publicity-seeking entertainer. Americans, however, have apparently become so jaded and desensitized to the routine obscenity of such “pop artists” that we can no longer comprehend the reaction of ordinary people in countries that are still imbued with the values of religious piety, a sense of the sacred, and a visceral desire to protect their children from unhealthy influences.


I think Lady Gaga is a swarm of self-righteous contradictions. She decorates her body and her mouth while nonchalantly talking about “It’s whats inside that counts.”

I think that’s why I much prefer Malaysian Muslim native Yuna, who can sing about that in a song Fading Flower, and embody it in her appearance. Lady Gaga is the modern western self-righteous hypocrite, who can easily demonize conservatives or whatever, while flamboyantly forcefeeding everyone by massive exposure to her own self-righteous platitudes. She can over-sexualize herself at the expense of everyone’s sense of satisfying their own need for moral clarity, while self-righteously insisting she has some sort of right to artistic freedom.

The modern self-righteous hypocrisy of today is the hyper-individualism of young people that insists that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE MUST AT ALL TIMES AFFIRM AND CONGRATULATE MY INDIVIDUALITY OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING BRANDED A BIGOT!!!!

Lady Gaga is unwelcome in Asia


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