The New Priests of 2012

The USCCB has given us a glimpse of this years ordinands here. I must
admit, several things describe me. You can compare and contrast, I thought
I would just say some of the facts that agree and some that disagree.

Current Age – The survey indicates an average age of
31, ordinands being between 25 and 34. I should be 29 about the time I am
eligible for ordination. So at least this is very close.

Family – The majority are Catholic from birth, as am I.
It says a little more than a third have a relative in Religious Life, as do

Faith Practice – Unlike the majority, I never
participated in Church as an alter server growing up. I got involved again
my Senior year of high school, and through that started lectoring. I never
attended a World Youth Day until after entering Religious Life. However, I
did attend several Steubenville youth conferences, and I wonder that that
had a similar effect on me.

Debt – I have managed to steer clear of much debt, due
to state, scholarship and parental support. However, had I normal debt, I
likely would not have been turned down.

Ethnicity – White, lol, I am still the American
majority. I look at ordinands in Southern California. I have a Vietnamese
and a Filipino friend being ordained this year, both in SoCal. Among the
many more, white are the minority.

Beggining Discernment – There is an indication at the
end that many starting feeling a call by the age of 17. I did too. All in
all, I appear to be a pretty average Seminarian.

The New Priests of 2012


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