Stupid Things you do on Facebook.

Lifehacker put together a list of 7 stupid things people do on Facebook, and how to go about fixing them. I must admit, I typically go out of my way to ensure none of this happens to me. Maybe I have a tech savvy advantage over many other casual facebook users, some who only browse through their smartphone (where it is more difficult to access some of these settings.

The list is as follows, with some of my own thoughts. (Be sure to read in case you want to know how to fix them)

#1 you don’t regularly audit your approved apps.

I ignore all apps, I might ignore you if you send me app request. The only app worth having is TUMBLR!!!!

#2 you don’t filter your news feed.

I found that for a couple people it is easier to stay fb friends if I don’t have to see their junk all the time in my newsfeed.

#3 you don’t manage your privacy settings.

This has been annoying for me, everytime fb changes, privacy is never the default, and you have to do digital contortions to figure out their near feature. I don’t dislike changes, I only dislike fb attitude toward privacy.

#4 you complain about facebook features you hate but don’t fix them.

I don’t like facebook for many reasons, but I don’t think fb is even a place for complaining. people who complain are hard to be around.

#5 you friend everybody.

I remember I used to friend people when I met them, thinking I would meet them again, and nothing like that has happened. fb has given us this idea that WE MUST keep in touch. Sometimes I wonder if we would all be better off, more mentally and psychologically free if we DID NOT HAVE TO keep in touch with everyone. Sometimes I wonder if that is the only way to mature into a wholesome and healthy individual.

#6 you let facebook spam your email inbox with notifications.

This has been getting on my nerves as of late. People add me to a group, invite me to things, and I get all kinds of inane and useless email notifications.

#7 you spend all your time on facebook.

LOL Who can’t relate!!!! No comment is necessary!

That being said, I will likely have to delete my facebook very soon. Aside from my growing distaste for fb itself, there is a strong growing concern that for the safety of young people, (or for the safety of a religious being accused falsely), that fb is too much of a hazard. I am currently discerning whether I will delete it forever, or transfer over to a public profile, or just delete the people I am shouldn’t be friends with. Either way, my facebook presence will be transformed dramatically.

Stupid Things you do on Facebook.


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