Ten things I want to tell teenage boys and girls

I came across this interesting piece on Kate Elizabeth Conner’s Blog,
Lily Pads. I really never heard of her, until someone linked her today. She
wrote ten things for teenage girls, and a guy friend wrote ten things
for teenage boys
. I thought they were interesting, and worth a read. I
would concur on some of them, but I have a harder time telling girls how to
be for the same reasons she might feel awkward telling guys.

For instance, he insists that Women do not think like you do. That would
have been really helpful when I was at that age. That is what I believed,
and I think I was frustrated because women did not indeed think like me as
I expected at that time. Several years later, knowing that it is not for
women to think like men, but a gift that women do not think like men, I try
not to rationalize all that stuff.

I think the two also allude to respect. Respect is a difficult battle to
wage, and unfortunately there is so much in our consumer society that does
not accommodate the hard work and commitment that those who want respect
will require of them. There is no easy way to respect.


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