Chastity & Relationships Part I: New Beginnings

This week I will be covering a series of issues on the topic of Chastity & Relationships. Since I have observed that this topic is of central fascination for Catholic youth and young adults, I have observed it is of equally imperative urgency in a generation who has been taught to identify themselves principally with their genitalia.

I made a vow of “Chastity” as a Religious in my Order. I think it is pretty flat out awesome, and is sadly underrated or undervalued in our sex-saturated mainstream media. And you know what, if your sex-saturated, your like a heavy soggy sponge. If your chaste, well then you’re helluva lot lighter and free-er to be yourself.

Initially, I did not commit to chastity with the view of “saving myself for my spouse” or even “for becoming a monk.” I made my commitment to chastity as short term interiorized compulsion to pour out my life to Christ. Therefore, this thing has been on my mind for well over a decade, and has forced me to assess various situations and relationships that I have been in over the years.

It certainly has not been easy, that is why I hope you can benefit on my wisdom. Since, I understand it has not been easy, this is also an invitation for those who have not seen the value of chastity to see it anew, and see themselves anew in the Risen Savior.

I will give some concrete situations, most especially with young women, that have enriched my insight into chastity and relationships. Unfortunately, as most people run around from one affectionate attachment to the next, without really reflecting on it, I think I wanted to offer some of these insights.

My life, my person, is a mystery, and if I do not put aside my tears and my intense emotionally ecstatic attractions aside to reflect on these experience, I will quickly become enslaved to them, identifying myself with them, and like a heavy soggy sponge, smearing my dirt over and across everyone I meet.

So if you feel like a soggy sponge, spend some quiet reflection time with God. If you feel soggy and weighed down, spend some quiet time so God will ring you out, and make you fresh, and make you a new creation.

Part I: New Beginnings

Part II: Identity

Part III: Attractions

Part IV: ‘Emotional Chastity’

Part V: Solitude & Friendship

Part VI: Sacramental Mystery

Part VII: You Have A Future

Part VIII: Commit to Christ


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