My thoughts on Nicki Minaj Grammy performance, and why she sucks on being a bada–

This year, I intended to watch the Grammy’s, if at least to point out some of the strange absurdities in our culture that become glorified at the Grammy’s. Somehow, maybe, I feel like I can be a decent hero to alarm the readers on my blog. It may not be much, as if anybody with common sense can scratch their head at some silly Katy Perry or Drake garbage. The Grammy’s, over the past several years, have been less about rewarding talented musicians for their achievements, and have been transformed into an ostentatious showcase of entertainment industry elitists. Well to be honest, at the very least, I refused to watch the Grammy’s in much of my youth, because they have always consistently ignored some great talent within the Hip Hop world.

Instead, because of some work sucking up much of my time last night, missing half of the show, I decided to just watch Midnight In Paris instead. Oh, I had a good time.

Then comes Nicki Minaj, who knows how to draw out the most reviling of reactions among many of my Catholic twitter comrades. Some people were crying the greatest and most insulting blasphemous stage performance, or heretical anything period. I do not mean to minimize or defend her in any way, if you get to the end of the post you will find something that goes beyond me being insulted. If anything, many of the comments only brought me undue curiosity. Was she desecrating the Eucharist or the Sacraments? Was she insulting the Liturgy and turning into something banal, or a prime time sex fest? I mean, any kind of outrageous recasting of our Sacraments would have probably caused me to throw the television off the roof.

Nicki Minaj, not a fan, I will be up front. She has some flow, but her lyrics have absolutely no substance or content. She sells not merely on sex appeal, she sells out principally to an entertainment industry that is principally interested in exploiting negative images of black youth for profit. Nicki Minaj is not a solo independent phenomenon, she is mindlessly and uncreatively recycled tool of music industry interests. She, as a musician or rapper, or whatever, lacks any inherent value, or lasting meaning to what matters to things like Music, or specifically Hip Hop Culture. I have not been able to listen to her, not just because of her lack of sincerity, originality, or substance, but also because of the way that she perpetuates the sexual objectification of girls.

When I pulled it up on youtube, I think there is a deeper problem, and I think it might be the way in which I am interpreting it all.

1. Nicki Minaj is not a Catholic, and although I cannot easily excuse her merely for ignoring something valuable to us as Catholics, it is difficult for me to believe that Nicki Minaj even has the depth of comprehension to know what reverence is, or what The Sacred is and what attitudes that would naturally humanely evoke. No, she is not merely ignorant, she is too spiritually inept. It does make me wonder, why does she select all sorts of Catholic symbols, and what does she believe that she is doing with it as a result? She constantly takes up Barbie things, and plastic materialistic things, but here is a world of symbols and things that she probably saw on an exorcism movie that she wants to manipulate into something.

2. I also ask, what it is that I should be offended by in this the most. Is exorcism a sacred thing, well it is not like the Sacraments. I don’t think something as serious as demonic possession should be a spectacle to be laughed at, although sadly we see it turned into a spectacle all over. What I find very troubling, is that she dresses a man like a Bishop, and walks him down as her date. What I find even more troubling, is that identifies herself with the possessed person, or with the devil himself. It skews notions of good and evil, and gives more credit or sympathy towards evil then necessary.

3. So Nicki Minaj is really trying to convey that she is a Bad A— B——. She thinks, that by showing herself outwitting the Church which is allegedly some powerful organization. She thinks, that she succeeds by being daring, courageous, bold, rebellious, and well bada— that she can get away with it. Is it really bada—? Really? Not in the least. If she were so bad, why is that it has the absolute support of the entire entertainment industry, that will put together a crew of 20 something dancers, that will choregraph a show with all kinds of special effects, and pull out all the stops? I mean, is she really controversial? Absolutely not. If she has no trouble putting this kind of spectacle at the biggest national televised music event of the year, then it only goes to show that she is a mouthpiece for the tired and sad entertainment industry, to whose interests she cannot be seperated from. Why is it, if she was so bad, that it gets such preferential treatment. Imagine if she tried to do a song exposing the problem of sex trafficking of young girls, and then that song or performance would likely get halted, that might be controversial, it would indict the entertainment industry in their complicity. I mean, there are plenty of messages that could get the entertainment industry in a hissy fit. Insulting and degrading the Church is not one of them. Nicki Minaj, has showcased her exceeding failure to prove how rebellious, bold, or that she is even a Bad A— B——. She is merely a sad, unoriginal, uncreative, unsubstantial, insincere tool of entertainment industry interests. Nicki Minaj not only sucks at rapping, she severely sucks at being bada—.


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