Creation & Eschatology, Gungor & David Crowder

This past Winter Intensive I took a Dogmatic Theology course “Creation &
Eschatology.” Creation Theology is the exploration of the origin of all
things, and God’s interaction with it. Eschatology is the exploration of
the end of all things, and God’s guidance of it. The two are intimately
linked, if we understand Eschatology in the context of Christ’s redemptive
work which initiates the New Creation, leading us to Christ who is the
Beginning and End. I was amazed to see Creation & Eschatology so intimately
linked Christologically, or Christocentrically.

I will likely be posting excerpts of my final paper in this course in
the coming week, that deal with Pope Benedict’s theological treatment of

Perhaps you might find yourself wanting to reflect deeper on Creation
and Eschatology, and I would recommend these two current albums, which are
theologically rich, as well as liturgically inspired. Gungor came out with Ghosts
Upon the Earth, which is a deeply poetic exploration of Creation, the fall
of man, and Christ’s conquest of death. David Crowder Band
released Give Us Rest, which is a Requiem Mass (Funeral Liturgy), which
explores a human and Christian approach to Death, Afterlife, the
Resurrection of the Christ, and our own restoration and participation in
Christ’s Resurrection.

A cool approach to the class, had I more time in a longer semester, and
more time to reflect on the content of these albums, I would have asked to
do an alternative final project approaching these two albums. In addition
to this final, I will be posting a few assignments from my other Wisdom
Literature Class, as well as various portions of reflections that I have
prepared for other classes over the past few years. Consider it my new
year’s resolution, to not let my work disappear into the archives of my
digital data, but that it may work to your Life in Christ.


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