The Pessimistic Self-Righteous Religion of the Guy who “Hates Religion, but Follows Jesus”

Marc Barnes, of the Bad Catholic blog, addresses this ever so infamous viral video “I hate religion, I follow Jesus” or whatever. If you regularly read Bad Catholic, you will know he does a great job of “Destupidification.” And here we have in this video in question a whole lotta stupidification.

I had promised to break on this tumblr thing, but every Catholic blogger seems to be chiming in on this deal as we speak. And I have a few things to add that have not been said.

Dude in the video insists absolutely, without acception, that traditions and religions are man made and bad and corrupt and to be HATED!!!! While God does something at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. This is just wonderful isn’t it?!?!?! Humans will do everything vile and incorrigible and wicked, while only what God has authorized should be considered. Side stepping for a moment the obvious fact that God authorized a church… It is an awful, incorrigible, wicked, and hateful, YES HATEFUL view to insist that human being are capable of nothing, NOTHING whatsoever

We were studying creation and the book of Genesis today in my Creation & Eschatology class just before I became aware of this sad distortion of Christian hope called the I Hate “Religion” video We were delving into the
beautiful poetic account of God’s gift of allowing us to participate in his
own divine nature.

This is why I can never, NEVER, NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER join this “Ihate religion” guy’s religion of intense pessimistic self-righteous dogmatism, where he echoes the Pharisee who proudly denounces the sinner who he is nothing at all like, when I can be called and invited into the divine dance of the Catholic Faith! I mean think about it, the first
protestant said we are a dung heap covered in snow that is the justification of Christ. That has never been the Catholic (and by Catholic I include the Eastern Orthodox Christians as well), that the dung heap that
we are is transformed into snow!

I write this all staring out at the beautiful first snow fall of 2012 here in Chicago.

The pessimistic hypocritical religion of the guy who “hates religion, but follows Jesus


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