Christology and my Journey with Jesus: An Introduction

To Saint Maximus the Confessor, the Theologian is primarily to be a Lover of God. For a Christian of the Eastern Orthodox tradition, it would make little sense to pursue theology, without their whole life being fully enveloped in as a disciple to Jesus the Christ. Christology, follows this same reasoning. Unlike other sciences, which claim to demand an absolute disinterest of the scientist, the one who studies Christology is convicted of the most deepest of personal interests. In our Western Rationalist context, this can almost seem pretentious, but it is even more pretentious to claim that our endeavors in Christology are of little interest. The journey of the disciple of the Christ is admitted to an adventure that can very well cost them everything. The disinterest pursuit of a purely rationalist and somewhat unemotional or inhuman is too stale and too safe for the follower of Jesus who preached a Dangerous Gospel.

Over the course of the week, I will be publishing selections of my Final Paper for my Christology course that I took this semester. I hope this may enable many of you to take a similar assessment of your own perception of the Christ throughout your life.

Our professor wanted us to not get caught up in making this too much of an academic exercise and wanted us to be able to intelligently articulate our own story of our relationship with Jesus, because any academic exercise would have been fruitless and futile without that. He assigned us to read “Meeting Jesus for the First Time” by Marcus Borg, and have us write a critical examination of it. Simply said, the book, written by a non-Catholic, has many problems for a genuinely Catholic Christology. That critique formed the second half of the paper, and I have no intention of publishing an entire 16 page final. So I hope this testimony may be of some value for you.

Read Part I: My Perception of the Christ in my Youth

Read Part II: My struggle to follow the Christ

Read Part III: With Christ, I became Critical

Read Part IV: Profound Insights In My Walk With Christ Today

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