According to a new study, people can’t tell the difference between quotes from British “lad mags” and interviews with convicted rapists.

Jezebel, which is the sexy feminist sex online mag, is shocked and
flabbergasted at oversexualized sexy “lad mags” like FHM, and the like…
because, well, they don’t have the moral courage comparable to a rapist.
Check out the article here.

There has been this narrative, which has become an unquestionable
infallible dogma in our society, whereby which, all naysayers will be
ostracized as prudish and sexually repressed… And what is it? “You must
submit yourself to the almighty power of your pelvis!”

Intermingled with this date-rape-drug cocktail, is the unreflective and
subconscious anthopological assumption that has been beneath many
perspective of young people: You are nothing more than a monkey, therefore
just give yourself totally and unquestionably to all of your appetites!”

Okay, for those of you without a sense of humor, this is called
hyperbole, and I hope it has at least caused you to think critically about
issues that pop-culture and academia forbids you to think critically on. If
at least, you can think that you are more than your sexuality, this should
be a reason for you to think so.

The standard, or the paradigm, of our sexual-self-image hinges upon
where it stands in relationship to the rest of ourselves. I think that the
old narrative, the narrative of memory that is alluded to by all the adults
of our chattering class, is that our sexual-self-image is either
irrelevant, or at least absolutely and completely shameful and despicable.
So, we swung to the opposite extreme, where shamefulness is forbidden, and
we have all kinds of twentysomethings depressed hooking up, etc. And the
effect is different for girls and for boys. Girls hate themselves, get
eating disorders, etc. if they do not measure up. Boys, on the other hand,
learn to worship the sex-goddess image incarnate in whatever oversexualized
pop diva maxim magazine pays homage to, and are thus, being trained to be
incapable of seeing women as human beings.

I could really go on, but for those interested in actually thinking,
instead of just doing whatever your public school teachers, your favorite
rapper, and the mainstream media are telling you to think, then give this a
look, and a thought. The narrative of unrelenting sexual expression is
inherently and deeply flawed, insufficiently human, and contributing to a
culture where harm is not only acceptable, but mandated.

According to a new study, people can’t tell the difference between quotes from British “lad mags” and interviews with convicted rapists.


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