Nativity FAIL

The Haute Sphere is on tour, and should be making it’s rounds at my home
Cathedral, Our Lady of the Angeles, in LA.

Katrina Fernandez of “More than Mortal Beauty,” commentator on beauty,
and critic of our fascination with ugly stuff inside of churches, takes on
the Haute Sphere in her blog. She makes this claim which should make us rethink
some of the silly modern abstract art pieces we are convinced belong in our

Since the sole reason a Nativity scene exists is to
cultivate a worship of the Christ—as was Saint Francis of Assisi’s
intention when he created the first crèche in 1223—an abstract
interpretation of the Nativity serves no purpose. You cannot worship Christ
or contemplate this Incarnational moment (or even encounter it) if you
can’t even recognize the scene right before your eyes.

Art belongs to the elitists today. It is so incredibly abstract and
subjective, that it is nearly meaningless to anybody who is not the
individual producer of said “art product.” Something of it may be the
problem set upon us by Rationalists, Humanists, and general skeptics, who
see the material world in such generic and depreciated terms that it must
be mastered, subdued, and manipulated.

That is what makes me glad to be human, however, is that we can attune
ourselves to beauty. Some of the irony of this piece, is that the artist
has attuned to the beauty and harmony intrinsic in mathematics, but misses
the point of the Incarnation. The Incarnation is the harmonious dance
between earth and heaven, the rhythmic synchronization between the human
with the divine. The Word Incarnate in Flesh… yeah it is real, and it
does not get any more beautiful then that!

Nativity FAIL


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