The Digital Augustine Library

This summer, Brandon Vogt on his blog the Thin Veil, created a list on his blog “Building a Catholic eBook Library on the Cheap.” He could have easily included his book, The Church and New Media on that list. Well I downloaded it immediately on Kindle, and finally finished it, it is a good read for those interested.

However, I wrote this, in response, because for serious readers of Saint Augustine of Hippo, you are going to want to spend a few extra dollars on a better translation of his famous works. The fact is, there are public domain translations of Augustine’s Confessions on the cheap. However, there are better translations available at $9.99, which would be worth the extra money.

The Augustine Heritage Institute has published Augustine’s writings on New City Press, in some of the best contemporary translations available. American Augustinian scholars of Augustine, like John Rotelle OSA and George Lawless OSA, as well as English speaking scholars like Maria Boulding OSB, Edmund Hill OP, Boniface Ramsey OP, and many others have been publishing several of Augustine’s works on New City Press.

A few of these works from Augustine on New City Press have already come out on Kindle, and I believe more books will be released on Kindle. So I decided to compile a list of these works, and update it in the future when more of these works have become available in eBook format.

Essential Sermons

The Confessions

Homilies on the First Letter of Saint John

The Trinity

The City of God Vol. I
 (Books 1-10)

The City of God Vol. II
 (Books 11-22)

The Augustine Catechism – The Enchidirion on Faith Hope and Love

Trilogy on Faith and Happiness

The Revisions (Retractationes) $29.14

You can find a more printed editions of Augustine’s Writings, as well as an introduction & recommendation in a recent post: Reading & Studying Augustine (08.27.14)


**UPDATED** August 30, 2014


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