Facebook, you’re OUT!!!

Strike One, photo albums and tagging

There is just so much I can take pictures of that all of my friends don’t have a right to know about. Facebook recovered by allowing the user to change who can see certain albums, however you might still get tagged in embarrassing, unwelcome or irrelevant clique photos. This has only helped to build a cyber-culture where privacy is not welcome.

Strike Two, reformatted newsfeed wannabe twitter.

While twitter remains more or less the same, and warns you about new features, Facebook sucks at this because it doesn’t need to be sleek and brief. Facebook only recovered because people didn’t convert to Twitter

Strike Three, incessant apps, games, quizes, blah blah blah

Farmville, Mafia Wars, which pop star diva are you? these things were fun for a moment, but they were just another waste of time that clogs everyone newsfeed with more I don’t give a…

Strike Four, Like this!!!

You can find a facebook like button on every single website. It wasn’t enough that you can share some personal information for your friends, but even your frozen supermarket burrito has a facebook page, so that facebook became a ubiquitous presence in cyber space. What if you just don’t care to declare to facebook, and every corporation that wants to document your preferences for their demographics and profit?

Strike Five, 3g smart phone facebook app

now you can carry all your facebook friends with you everywhere, and you have no responsibility to the real people sitting next to you on the bus. you never have to be that far from them, therefore you never have to be close to anyone else. More facebook ubiquity is what the problem is.

Strike Six, don’t check me out, don’t check me in

well if you have facebook on your phone, and your using it, why not use GPS, so everyone can track you down? I like to go out and believe that I can have exclusive time for myself or those who I am visiting, without having to keep checking my phone or facebook.

So Facebook, I’ll be merciful to you one more time, just one more time. I will make my profile public. I will give out my password to my superiors, and I will remove content from my profile. But, I will make it public, so other people can see my tumblr feed, and they can subscribe to me. I have no interest in pretending like facebook is a place where friends gather or meet. That is nonsense. Facebook is not for friends, is for pretend intimacy and pretend friendship. Facebook is for loneliness and stalkers and one sided relationships. So I will only do what you want Facebook, I will allow people to have one sided relationships with me through you. That is how I will concede to you Facebook, because you are OUT!!!


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