My High School Reunion Got Cancelled

According to the blog, they couldn’t pull in enough people to commit.

I had recently decided to opt out for the $77 charge that I did not plan on for my summer. Aside from having a vow of poverty where I cannot pull money out of nowhere.

I am somewhat relieved, I guess I had worried I would get bored pretty fast, assuming people are still the same. More or less, having to deal with the regular Anti-Catholic accusations of homophobia or pedophilia, I didn’t want to waste $77 to deal with immature mockery.

I guess I also feared bumping into crazy women that just don’t get what this celibacy thing is that I am doing.

Anyways, I think there were two reasons this was cancelled. It turned out to be more expensive and formal than many of us were ready for…

and FACEBOOK. A lot of people have added each other on Facebook, which removed the anticipation and curiosity of seeing what people are up to these days.


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