LA Times runs the guidelines on being a true Angeleno

Hector Tobar writes 10 guidelines on being a true Angeleno on the front page editorial. I found myself measuring myself. After living in the Midwest for several years, I have noticed the truth to many of these things I took for granted.

1. Don’t fawn over celebrities.

I have come into a greater appreciation over the years on this one, let them be normal human beings.

2. Use turn signals.

I liked that he mentioned we let the pedestrians go, instead of speeding right by them. Not all LA drivers are always courteous, but I find them by far some of the most courteous drivers then other parts of the country.

3. Barbecue, garden, enjoy the outdoors.

Its Saturday in February, heck lets BBQ, I’m always in the mood.

4. Be cool with ethnic diversity.

I find people at CTU talk about it like they are starting a revolution, I lived it in LA without having to make a fuss over it. In fact, I find myself more relatable around Mexicans and Pinoys then my own blood and namesake Italians.

5. Know your shortcuts.

LA doesn’t always have a best way to get there route, our city wasn’t designed that way. We ride and navigate the contours of our land.

6. Appreciate Vin Scully.

dude that voice, nuff said!

7. Acknowledge and respect local traditions.

I always take outsiders on a tour of Olvera Street, while everyone expects only hollywood.

8. Don’t ever say “A doesn’t have seasons.”

New England cannot monopolize the seasons. May Grey and June Gloom LOL!

9. Don’t wear your civic pride on your sleeve.

The world doesn’t begin and end in LA, this is a good point. There can be a Laker game on one night, and the whole city doesn’t need to wear purple and yellow just to support.

10. Define it your own way.

If anyone can’t figure out why I am the way I am, this should say it all.

LA Times runs the guidelines on being a true Angeleno


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