Myth 3: Religious People are stuck in the past

Myth 1: Religious People Are Ignorant Blind Sheep
Myth 2: Religious People Invented God and Heaven to Make Life Easier

Religion was declared obsolete against science and humanism. Since I was a child, I was led to believe that human beings were progressing toward some great and amazing freedom and enlightenment, where they would no longer need religion. I think this is a continued outgrowth of yesterdays post.

So, conversely, Religious People feel pressured to show everyone how modern they are, by building modern buildings for worship. They pat themselves on the back for how “with the times” they are, by putting whatever current scientific standard prevails. So the actual truth is, very few Religious People that I have actually met are scared, shocked, or terrified by the modern world. I have met people who are infatuated rather, which is the complete opposite of this myth.

On the flipside, I have met several people who approach anything modern with a mix of caution and acceptance. I might be one of them. We can be proud of all the science that we have crafted, that has resulted in dropping an Atomic Bomb on civilians in Japan during World War II. We can be astounded with our modern inventions, like the gas chambers that were used by Nazis to exterminate Gas Chambers. But on a lighter side, we have all kinds of scientific preservatives and high fructose corn syrup to put in our artificially scientifically manufactured food products to dehydrogenate or place in cans, so just in case the world ended Y2K we could survive. Christians are not as afraid of the modern world, than your average 20 something who is trying to reduce their carbon foot print, eating organic, going to farmers markets, for a more natural (and perhaps less submissive to everything scientific) form of life. They are not going to ditch their iPhones, or Xboxes, or stop Tweeting altogether, however many younger people approach Science with a pinch of pessimism because of the disasters that technology has wrought ever since the Industrial Revolution.

Further, it should be noted, that with the explosion of the New Age movements, people are not actually looking for “New Religion” or “New Spirituality” but an old old ancient type of religion and spirituality.

Science has undoubtedly contributed to a better human life. It has not been without new difficulties that require science to keep tempering itself to become better.

However, just as the previous post noted that humans, whether they are religious, or non-religious, or it could be added, particularly scientific or not, still have flaws. We are bound to still find uses for science that will maim the innate dignity in every human being. Science does not, give us a concept that human beings have dignity. I am hard pressed to find a basis in humanism or science for the dignity of human beings. The trouble is, is if the only thing that science can tell us about our origins is that we are clumps of cells, then it gives more merit to the phrase that “survival is for the fittest.” Ergo, the strong are the only ones who can establish their human value by taking it for themselves. If, however, our value is one granted to us from something outside of ourselves, than it validates all our work in science to make human life better, and it validates all humanitarian work to those who are the most needy.

Myth 4: Religious People Are Irrational Fundamentalists
Myth 5: Religious People Are Self-Righteous Hypocrites


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