Myth 2: Religious People invented God and heaven to make life easier

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Since the age of “Enlightenment” in Europe, there was a movement that sought reasonable grounds to dismiss religion. The values of these humanists, were so deeply grounded in the same religious values they sought to challenge. This was probably the clearest example of an argument against religion. Religious People are merely looking for comfort in their difficult world, so they have to invent delusions to cope with it.

Yesterday, I mentioned that Non-Religious People have a sort of empathetic pity for Religious People, and this accusation may come from pity as well. This is the sort of argument that additionally bolsters ones own self confidence and importance: “I am not Religious, and therefore do not believe in fairy tales. I am a brave person who easily accepts reality for what it is.”

So are religious people weak, and just looking for the easier way? Most people, religious and non-religious alike seem to be looking for the easier way. I actually have met Christians who find consolation and strength in their difficulties from hoping for God, despite their trials. So faith in heaven, actually does the opposite of making one weaker. It dares the believer to look boldly into tomorrow that there will be joy yet. It dares the believer to hold onto their dignity and not throw themselves away in despair because it is not easy. Further, belief in God motivates one to action, to stand in solidarity with those who are broken and needy: Religious People see the ugly reality, and feel responsible to make it better, instead of complaining that things are not convenient.

So essentially, it could be said of non-religious people, that they deny God and heaven merely for convenience. They have forsaken faith merely to not be responsible for others, or to not be accountable to anything but their cravings. I have met a few people who this appears to be true with. But if you can see, things flipped around, both of these accusations actually say NOTHING about God or heaven. These sorts of arguments ONLY say that humans are weak, religious and non-religious alike. It says nothing of God, it only speaks of human nature. Therefore it must be a “myth” because it is not only true of some religious people, but also non-religious people.

If you don’t have religion, then you have nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to keep you from being condemned forever by Darwin and Survival of the Fittest for being weak. If you believe, then your weakness is acceptable, even a source of greatness.

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