Myth 1: Religious People are Ignorant Blind Sheep

I have heard a lot of myths growing up with religious people. I use the word myth, in an ironic sense, because it is often religious people who are accused of concocting and believing in myths. For the next five days, I will be discussing several of these “myths” that non-religious people accuse religious people of.

Sometimes people look on Religious People as ignorant and foolish. They look on religious people with anything from self-righteous disdain to empathetic dismissal. They believe that religious people never took a moment to think critically of their beliefs ever in their life, and are just following that sort of life, merely because they were raised that way.

They might imagine this broad sweeping generalization that they lump hundreds of billions of people the world over, merely because they were themselves feeling like they were blind sheep. Perhaps they heard this “myth” at one point, and believed themselves to be absolutely enlightened to forever cast off the blind sheepness that they had encountered their whole life.

Do Religious Ignorant Blind Sheep really exist? I don’t know. I have never encountered one. I have encountered plenty of devoutly and faithful practicing religious people whose religion has motivated them to be thoughtful and critical of their own moral life. It has also provoked deep and penetrating questions of wonder and amazement to their world which they believe to be embued with meaning. They approach science with wonder, awe, reverence, and joyful curiosity.

Does Mount Everest Exist? I believe it does. I merely believe that it exists because I trust. I trust the Geography text book, as well as the writers of that text book. I trust the people who told me about it. Mount Everest itself is a very distinguishable identifiable THING. A Blind Sheep, however is not. Such a term is so vague, demeaning, insulting, and generalized, that it would be difficult, near impossible to pick one out with any degree of certainty. I also believe Mount Everest is a real thing, because the people who have written about it have proved themselves as credible persons to describe it.  It could be that these people who make such broad sweeping generalized and self righteous condemnations need encounter a Religious Person who is not what their shallow stereotypes of blind sheep fantasize. But somehow, these kinds of myths, that all religious people are ignorant blind sheep, are the kind of things that I felt I must accept as true on blind faith alone.

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