Film Review: Of Gods And Men

Of Gods and Men is a French Film chronicling the events around a handful of French Monks in Algeria who were martyred. I do not usually find myself recommending movies, or reviewing cinema, let alone quality arthouse foreign films.

I could go on about how brilliant this movie was, but I will leave it simply at this: This has been the most astonishing, genuine, reverent, and human portrayal of catholicism and monasticism that I have ever seen on film.

I get the sense that the filmmakers and actors actually get things like liturgy, chant, and prayer, and the movie takes on a very prayerful tone throughout. I also get the sense that theological beliefs and themes have an effect on these monks. I was also deeply touched by the importance and reality of monastic common life as it was portrayed in this film.

I find movies tend to waver between a few things missing the mark: 1) They have little to no idea of what catholics believe, and why they do what they do, 2) Catholic characters are portrayed as perfect saints in perfect shiny habits being overly simplistic, 3) the Catholic characters are the archvillians and are the most one dimensional finger wagging wicked goons hollywood has ever imagined. None of these managed to sum up the film.

God see it, I haven’t been moved like this in a while over a film (especially one with subtitles). Maybe you might find yourself drawn into their life by seeing it. lol!


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