Love Songs Part 4: A Reflection on Lady Antebellum’s stealing the whole show at the Grammys

If anybody was undeserving of several repeated recognitions at the Oscars this year it was Lady Antebellum. Their single smash hit “Need You Now” could be a one-hit-wonder, as my Fr. Kirk suggested. I don’t doubt that. I was astounded to see them take so many awards, as I have never heard another song from them. The melody may have sounded nice, and some people may be excited to see Country Music get so much recognition at the Grammys. But for this one?

I first came across this song during a project in my sexual ethics class, and noticed how this stood out against all the Lil Wayne and Rihanna slut music out there.

I realized that Romance is dead in pop culture. Not only are we unwilling to prolong the desire of the sexual act by being chaste and abstaining from sex… it seems that we, in our pop culture slavery to the instant gratification of our sexual desires have been rudely awoken to sad reality surrounding it all. Sex hurts, Sex is painful, sex stinks, and is loud, and inconvenient and messy and disgusting the morning after. there are worries of pregnancy, risks of health and sexual transmitted diseases. there are regrets of broken relationships, and self-disgust over the absence of self-dignity. Otherwise, then there are loud stinky children and all that.

I read an article, that I can no longer locate, that contrasted realism and romance. The basic assertion behind the article was this: Romance persists when the Sexual Act is not consummated.

It did get me thinking about how detrimental it has been on our culture to change the Chastity from a virtue to a vice. Chastity was a virtue that someone would struggle to rise above themselves. Now it is something to be avoided like the plague, and the sexual act is to be indulged immediately. to not indulge your appetite uncriticically is to be vicious to yourself.

And so you end up like Lady Antebellum with a song like this that wins the Grammy because of the fact that we hate SEX, we hate the same SEX we have been conditioned to worship.

If you notice I skipped the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in this post, simply because the three are so intricately intertwined here.


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