Love Songs Part 2: A Reflection on the Grammy’s and Katy Perry’s performance of Teenage Dream.

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry has quickly become popular. I honestly like Firework much better, and that being said I honestly like Boyce Avenue’s cover much better.

Anyways, it was not the song for the Grammy, it was the “Love Song” just in time for the Grammy’s to get us ready to be all cuddly with our fantasy romance. The performance had several dancers that looked like students in Red Letterman jackets, and girls in some kind of pseudo lingerie cheerldeader uniforms.

LOVE, in our culture, in our teenage pop culture, in our adolescent fantasy magnified in the mainstream media, has become synonymous with the fantasy itself. LOVE is no more than the dream of feelings and romance and whatever the erotic imagination can conjure up for ones own pleasure and gratification. Teenage Dream, therefore is more formula. To be sure, despite its complete unoriginality, I am sure that this will be many a theme song to young longing lovers everywhere.

The Good: Some can say that it is survival instinct that all these feelings draw us together… Survival instinct to secure a mate and ensure our progeny. If we were only a bunch of monkeys concerned with desperate survival, and that is what many teenagers are taught, then nothing can be more righteous then complete surrender to our indulgent obsession with sensuality. Can anything good actually be said about this song, other then the feelings are warm and fuzzy?

The Bad: Sadly, many young people desperately believe that their life is meaningless until the person (or in often times the object) of their desire accepts them with mutual affection. That is to say, until then you just SUCK. Without that mate, your just a LAME LOSER! “Before you met me, I was a wreck… you brought me back to life!” That is to say our desperate and complicated mortal life is simply and easily solved when someone looks our way. So then what, the relationship ends, and we are back to being a LAME LOSER! In fact if we even entered into a relationship with so much SUCKINESS, and ending with so much SUCKINESS, who is to say (despite all the warm and fuzzy feelings), that we weren’t for the whole entire time, for all the dates, and warm and fuzzy kisses deeply immersed in a self deceptively SUCKINESS!!! Flat out, plain old fashioned, long lasting SUCKINESS!!!

The Ugly: This song neglects to even discuss the Ugly, and that is what is most ugly. Every other song I will review will be a whole lot of ugly. This song however, is full of ugliness in disguise. It says “No regrets, just love…” The fact is, we want a Teenage Dream, we want to go back to the time before our Pre-Frontal Cortex finished developing, and we had the mental brain capacity to see our life against the reality of long term consequences, we want the Teenage Dream to live without those REAL consequences. I have known way to many people who have suffered heart break, and they believed that following their heart was a worthy mantra to guide their life into unforeseen heartbreak.

Considering how widespread this song is distributed worldwide, it begs the question how much a vision of sexuality without consequences, without heartbreak, and without reality has been shoved down the throats of young people everywhere. However, the majority of love songs that I will review for the rest of the week deal precisely with all the consequences and heartbreak and reality that our pop culture has ignored for the past several decades. Could it be the fact that our forced ignorance has mired us deeper in our sadness? I also wonder what state our love songs would be in if the message of Chastity wasn’t all but forbidden, or heretical to a show like the Grammy Awards or Music Business…


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