I don’t think the Grammy’s like Hip Hop

So apparently the Grammy’s don’t like Hip Hop, and here is how it went down last night.

The Grammy’s concentrated on the small inner circle of pop rappers like Eminem, Jay-Z, and newcomer Drake, like they do every year. I don’t think they listen to any Hip Hop at all, until its time to nominate a few people, and they chose the first 5 most popular artists they can think of.

Apparently Jay Z was not in attendance, and he even boycotted the Grammy’s a few years ago. More history on this here.

I mean rappers like to talk a lot about not caring about the value of a Grammy, and I think its the only way to respect yourself as an artist.

Finally, two of my favorite MCs passed away, Guru and Eyedea, and they never got mentioned in Memoriam with all the other musicians (and music business people) who I have never heard of.

I will have further comments on the Grammy Awards later today, seeing as how it is Valentine’s Day, and they didn’t really have any good Love Songs.


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