Recycle that Men’s Health Magazine, (because there is nothing new about the sexual revolution)

Because we all know, that there is nothing in life that has any value or meaning like your abs and your sexual activity. There is nothing new about the sexual revolution, all it is is more license to treat yourself, and others like trash. Christine Whelan of Busted Halo talks briefly on how lame Men’s Health Magazine is, because they invent a need in order to sell products.

Women’s Magazines appeal to a Woman’s fear of her image to sell products. They do this by insisting on giving you the tips to a perfect love life, and the tips to winning over a mate. What all of this does, is cycle consumerism, and cycle those adds. They want you to be caught in the cycle. They get money from advertisers of beauty products, so they tell you your are not beautiful enough until you purchase those products advertised in their magazine. For a woman who is insecure about their image, it is the perfect way to exploit their fears.

It is the exact same tactic, although used on men. I have never read men’s health magazine, because I already knew early on that all the image talk was highly overrated.

What I really think men need is a mission. Most men think the only mission they need is to get the next hot girl. In all honesty, men really and deeply long to be handed a mission of real meaning, that will push them to their limits, and require strength and courage they never knew they had. Whether or not there is a pretty girl involved.

This is the kind of stuff the sexual revolution is not capable of doing, giving your life meaning. When all you are is a monkey with sexual organs that more or less control your life, as the sexual revolution types insist on, then you have no reason to be depressed. This requires little courage or strength or meaning other then the moment. It means that once your sexual organs fail, you are useless. It also means that real love, and commitment, and all that are useless.

I do believe that young people are longing to hear that they are more then just their sexuality, but who dares give it to them?


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