An Evangelical Experiences Mass

An Evangelical Christian Describes their experience of Mass in the Huffington Post.

I find this article fascinating. In addition to that, after reading Hipster Christianity, there was a short paragraph indicating how highly hipster christians regard Catholicism. This of course, is in direct contrast to the way many Evangelicals berate our religion for reasons regarding our Veneration of Mary, or the Pope. Secularists may do some of the same things in regard to celibacy, or Papal Infallibility, however different from the way current Protestant Christians have a problem with Catholics.

I am, however, under the impression, that in America, Evangelical Protestants will continue to regard Catholics, and their leaders with greater respect. I even heard that SaddleBack Church had Peter Kreeft over to deliver a talk in place of their regular sermon. The fact that they have intermingled with us for a long time, and seen that we do not match their paranoid chick tract conspiracy fears… I think their mutual respect is giving way to fascination with our tradition and enchantment by our mysticism. They are likely to pick up Thomas Merton, St. Augustine, or GK Chesterton as your young curious Catholic.

The Second Vatican Council had a vision of certain degrees of mutuality between Catholics and Non-Catholic Christians, and I think it might barely be realized in this country. It may have begun with respect in mutual work, and I think we are moving toward a real sense of brotherhood, if we can actually look to each other with loving reverence.

I think it is also worth contrasting with the attitude of many Catholic I have met. This man, a Non-Catholic actually approaches the Mass with reverence, and sensing its mystery and transcendence. At the same time Catholics complain that the Liturgy is not modern enough, or its too ritualistic, or too 1970s, or way too clerical, or to hokey-pokey, or this or that. If only we could approach the Mass with more innocence. If only we could approach the Mass leaving behind our cynicism with our sins at the Penitential Rite, and see it with New Eyes.


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