Some stats on Today’s Sisters and Nuns… BTW did I say they are AWESOME!


there is a missing stat there, it should say 100% of sisters and nuns and consecrated women are awesome!

59% have a Bachelor’s Degree

Today’s sisters and nuns are like really smart.  There was a time when you entered the convent without much of an education, and it would have been standard for your average woman entering marriage.  Truth is it is typical for your average woman to marry after receiving a college education and career, same could be said of those going into the convent.

…19% Asian… 10% Hispanic… 14% Foreign Born…

By and Large Religious Orders in this country are diverse… in fact increasingly more diverse than your average Catholic Parish community.  I think people will look to us to witness the best way to live in harmony with those who you are different from.

20% participated in a World Youth Day

that is to say maybe twenty percent are youths? lol.  World Youth Days are having a tremendous effect on Vocations.

65% regularly prayed the Rosary, 64% regularly took part in Eucharistic adoration.

I do believe the more we foster the Rosary and Adoration, the more we will foster vocations.  I would probably include stuff like Lectio, and Liturgy of the Hours, although it is not to say that all women religious who are validly called express that in their spirituality.  But it Adoration and the Rosary are clearly significant factors.

51% reported that a parent or family member discouraged them from entering religious life; 26% of moms and 16% of dads encouraged them to consider a vocation.

This is significant.  More than half of women considering are encouraged.  To me that means that any young woman I would meet who is considering or decided on that, I would make more of an effort to specifically encourage them.  I would even want to do more to lend support to them in their discernment.  Something wonderful happened to me when God called me, and affirmed my decision to give everything for him.  The most amazing thing I could ever share with somebody is to consider the decision likewise.

It would be good for you to consider being more encouraging of your friends, and eventually children to the wonderful world of religious life.  Even if you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you are not called, you would do yourself good, young women, to get to know a Women Religious, Sister, or Nun, or get to know a community, so that you have no apprehension should your friend or daughter consider such a calling.  Whats the worst that could happen?  I mean seriously?  God could call you to give up everything, and you find heavenly joy in following God without reserve?  I mean what is the worst that could happen?  You could find sublime fulfillment in doing God’s will even if it is subversive to our pop culture paradigm…

39% were encouraged by a parish priest…

Let’s hope that I am one of those 39%… There are more girls I know that I would wish to consider it that I am unsure how to tell them lol!

Some stats on Today’s Sisters and Nuns… BTW did I say they are AWESOME!


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