not allowed to party? Things materialists, atheists ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO

Some people think being Catholic is incredibly boring.  There is a long list of things you can’t do.

On the contrary, Catholic invented Mardi Gras, and we invented beer.  If it wasn’t for all the monasteries throughout Europe, we would not have developed so many different types of beers, ales, and other fine liquors.  Even Wine making became an art mastered by Catholic monks.

Because Christ was incarnate in flesh, and Risen to Glory, we participate in Communion the Feast of Feasts.  The Feast is repeated throughout the year, and there are several other aspects of our Faith that we celebrate with festive fervor and joy!

It is not the Catholics or restricted drinking or celebration to the absolute, it is only Puritans, and Fundamentalist Christians.  In addition, it is some of these groups, some Pentacostals, and JWs that forbid celebrations around birthdays or Christmas.  Most Christians celebrate, and Catholics come up with more excuses to do so.

If you are an atheist or materialist, you might celebrate, in some excessive way that ends in hangover and a promise never to do it again.  Yet there is nothing beyond their own gratification that they can even celebrate.  

If you are a believer, then your celebration recognizes the infinite value in everything.  If you are a believer, then you recognize that there is so much meaning in your celebration, that goes beyond the moment, the self, or what you can see and taste.  It gives you a reason to be excessive, and also gives you reason to not humiliate yourself, because you have a dignity that is bigger then your appetite.

So really you shouldn’t be asking about what you are allowed to do as a Christian, you really should be asking what you are allowed to do as an non-believer?


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