Maybe I’ll make a Resolution… Maybe God started a Revolution

An Awesome Event Just happened… God’s Son, Jesus, came into our world.  The event has consequence in my life, meaning I have to do something, I have to act in some definitive way.  Being nicer, or being kinder just isn’t going to cut it.  God’s Son was made flesh, and so should my decision…

New Years Resolutions can be a vain attempt at self congratulatory narcisism at times.  It can be an egotistical attempt to let everyone know who awesome we are because of some good thing that we are doing.  Yet, it can also be humbling.

We spend so much time swearing how good we are.  We spend an awful lot of time justifying our personal innocence and subjective satisfying perfection.  However, if we even resolve to do something, to improve, to grow, to change, to develop, it implies we are not quite good enough.  I mean think about it, how often are we honest enough to say that we are broken, empty, incomplete…  And we think we are just good enough already to make some resolution to make good again.

But somehow, what if we are always resolving to fill our emptiness by our own emptiness.  Thats why it is so egotistical and narcisistic to make new years resolutions.  We swear that because we are already know we are not quite good enough we resolve to make ourselves magically good enough.  Where is is the fullness we can find to resolve ourselves.

Yet somehow we are never really empty.  The Fullness of God’s Revelation enters our world at the Darkest moment, the Light of the World, Christ, intends to set us on fire.  The consequence of the Incarnation can indeed be a resolution to change, or rather be changed.  It is because the consequence of the Incarnation makes us complete enough to resolve at all, that we can be humble enough to make a Resolution at all for the New Year.


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