I practiced the art of asserting my boundaries.  The truth is I have too many people in my life attempting to manipulate and control me swearing that they are friends who care, and I have had to end those relationships.  This also included a tempering of the way I exposed my entire life on Facebook.

I saw the death of social networking, when every person and their grandma’s poodle established a facebook page, while Mark Zuckerberg was exhibited a narcissist in the movie.  A generation that grew up in the wild wild wilderness of the world wide web is questioning the way it dictates our lives.  And we still remain enslaved to it.  And somehow, I realized George Orwell’s 1984 is being fulfilled by Facebook.

Beyond all our egotistical social networking, we will still rally around a cause, and stand in solidarity with the neediest.  If there is anything I could have learned from the tragedy of Haiti, it would be the generosity of those with means, and the wealth of faith and strength of the Haitian people.  We are all looking for an opportunity to do something meaningful.

I was amazed by a big budget hollywood film, Inception.  The best movie I saw this year, thought provoking, emotionally engaging, visually stunning, and morally challenging.

I realized the news media (or entertainment industry) actually is more interested in incriminating the Church then protecting minors, as I watched scrutiny against a Church increase, even as we are the only institution in this country standardizing protection of minors.

I mourned the death of two favorite rappers passed away, Guru and Eyedea.  They continue to inspire my music intensely.

I got myself to a few awesome Hip Hop shows this year with the likes of other artists that continue to inspire me.  I saw Qwel and Sojourn, as well as Grouch, Eligh, and Brother Ali.

I was surprised that at how many people actually can get into underground hip hop music.  When I was younger it was exclusively for the outcasts.

I find myself understanding that formality and clear self-reflection are actually more hospitable then informality.

I can believe in reconciliation after someone who harmed me had the audacity to apologize for the hurt they caused me.  Too many people are more interested in edifying their own excuses instead and justifying their ego then in being humble enough to enter into the pain they have caused another.  This person was daring enough to make me believe.

I have had faith in myself restored, principally in my music, by innocent children.  I can see exactly why Jesus insists we don’t keep the children away from him.

I am inspired because people will still be inspired by the Beatitudes, by the Eucharist, and the Paschal Mystery.  If only we were quiet enough to appreciate the beauty of it all, too bad I have to yell it in a Hip Hop song to get them to pay attention above all their inner distractions.


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