So did Christmas just really finish?

If your religion is consumerism, secularism, idunno-ism, spiritualbutnotreligiousism then christmas began about mid-october and ended on december 24. your holiday celebration probably consisted of a lot of shopping for others, as well as getting those discounts, it also probably included required awkward holiday parties with your various social gatherings where junk gifts were exchanged that you will give to somebody at another awkward holiday party with a different social gathering. december 25 will probably consist of a lot of travel, eating and drinking, in addition to some sort of vaguely themed claymation snow and thistle type cartoon… and after all drinking and eating and more shopping, you will probably be hung over until new years, which you will resolve yourself to get hungover again.

If your religion is Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or even Humanism/Atheism, then you probably tried to carry on your life unaffected by the holiday hype.  However, there may have been a chance that you would have attended various vaguely themed holiday parties with people you care about, and found some way to enjoy yourself.

If your religion is Protestant Christian, then your Christmas began in early December. your celebration probably included singing some sort of christmas carols, ostentatious nativity scenes, charity donations, or even a community service project. There would have been plenty of Christmas Trees, and Wisemen with live camels, as well as some good old fashioned family time. Your Christmas probably ended abruptly following a Family Christmas worship service, and a Family Christmas Dinner Feast. If your religion is Catholic, you may have mimicked the holiday traditions of the others. On the other hand, if you are Catholic, Christmas never even began until the evening of December 24th, when you began with a Liturgical Eucharistic celebration entering into the Sacred Moment of the Incarnation of the Eternal Word, the Son of God, born a baby. Christmas would have continued with prayer, meditation, singing, maybe even some dancing. Christmas continues as a Solemn Octave (Eight Days), including a celebration of the Holy Family, and the Solemn Feast of the Holy Mother of God, eventually leading to the Feast of the Epiphany entering into the moment when the Magi realized who this important little baby Jesus really was.

If your religion is Christian, Catholic, Orthodox, then you have a rich tradition to celebrate an incredibly meaningful historical and divine event. If your religion is not, maybe you can find a lot of meaningful things to celebrate, however if all you can celebrate is an obligatory shopping fest, I really don’t know what consolation I have for you now, except to get enough vitamin c, and sleep in glad you just had to endure another dreadful winter season nightmare. Just know that


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