More Culture War Nonsense

So some Atheists are buying out billboards that say “You KNOW it’s a myth, this season celebrate REASON.”

Atheism is on the decline… well humanism is, rather… the notion that human reason triumphs all, if, after all post modernism is a secular phenomenon which is a basic reaction against humanism… in particular the humanistic notion that human reason triumphs all.  While, people hungering for mystery, are seeking out cults on television shows like Oprah.

In all honesty, I think the Christians who get furious over this are losers just like the atheists who post this.  So what if a bunch of rich atheists make billboards.  I don’t think that is going to make any “good Christians turn to the dark side.”

I think the culture wars is a bunch of nonsense.  More and more people I am encountering are being awakened to the idea that we need a little bit of the transcendent to keep our lives straight.  Most of the blatant atheists I met, are angry, bitter, and alone.  I don’t think anybody is going to win the culture war by doing exposes on these sorts of alleged attacks.

Christians, if we really believe Jesus is the reason for the season or whatever, then let that bear consequence in our lives, and stop wasting your energy getting riled up over atheists who cannot recognize this face.  Let your life speak to this… that Truth is incarnate in Christ, and that truth will never be quenched by a billboard.

More Culture War Nonsense


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