Vocation Fairs and Hip Hop

The Province got two invitations to two separate vocation fairs at two separate catholic high schools in south LA.  I went to both, Mary Star of the Sea in San Pedro HS last week, and Juniperro Serra HS in Gardena today.

I may have been asked because I was young, I may have been asked because I do youth ministry.  I may have been asked because I know LA, and need an excuse to hang out with my dad (who is on the other side of LA), I may have been asked because I do hip hop.  I never went expecting to actually get vocations.

There seems to be a format.  Vocation Directors bring cards, pamphlets, posterboards, and set up around a table, where people can talk.  I had a totally different approach, maybe I am too cynical to trust that I can win anybody else, or something… In all honesty, all I wanted to do was plant the seed, and let them know that a Religious Vocation is so way different then what they have ever dreamed.

From the perspective of our friars, average high school teens who we have never met are not a lucrative field for serious vocations to our order.  We don’t want people to fill our ranks and positions, we want people to share our life with.  Who knows a relationship could begin.

Anyways, I brought my amp, I brought my mic, and I brought my beats.  I straight rocked the mic for Jesus, and told them my advice about vocations.

I laid down our charism, and some of my discernment story.  If I were to have an effect, at least I would hope they know God has a plan for them, and considering what God wants when they map their life.

And maybe a few might just want to consider a religious vocation, because it is so much more wonderful then they conceived.

I will still have more comments about this during the week.


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