Pope approves condoms? Check yoself homey…

There has been a whirlwind of buzz over an upcoming book “Light of the World” in which a journalist, Peter Sewald, engages in a conversation with Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope doesn’t do press conferences, hes a theologian, and newspapers aren’t interested in the subtle nuances and substantial intellectual depth required of theology.

Anyways, check the comments on the link.  The Pope is saying that people can find condoms, and use them, regardless of what the Church says.  The FACT IS, that this actually isn’t solving the problem.

Apparently a bunch of rich white compassionate liberals think we need to slap condoms on all those poor african people who can’t keep their genitals to themselves, that way we could rescue them from their uncontrollable sex crazed madness.  And heck we don’t wanna judge, we just wanna through contraceptions over everything, that will solve all their problems right?

I was being sarcastic.  Point is, we tell people a condom will fix it, and they won’t begin to ask themselves if they should actually practice more retraint with their sexual activity.  Even more problematic is the demeaning and condescending assumption from western white intellectuals who don’t have enough faith that africans can indeed be chaste.  

Pope approves condoms? Check yoself homey…


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