teen suicide, bullying, and body image on adolescent girls

I did a study this past spring on the oversexualization of teenage girls, based on a report of task force of the american psychological association (found in the link)…

And find, that, unfortunately, a lot is being said on bullying, but not a lot is being said on the oversexualization of teenage girls.  unfortunately, I have met too many young and attractive girls who have admitted to hating themselves, and having eating disorders.  So I did this study, and presentation in honor of them…

I found that, teenage girls were more likely to be depressed as a result of body image then boys.

Self consciousness was way more likely to interfere with their ability to perform at their capacity in school, then with boys.

Girls are targeted by the media, more then anyone, to objectify themselves.

Teenage girls, are probably under more pressure, from school, from their family, from their peers, from extracurricular activities to be overly concerned over their body image, then could be humanly possible.

Of course, don’t get me wrong, there are several young women who may have never been effected, and none of this ever got to them.  But I guess if one poor teenage girl has ever had a broken heart, felt alone, or hated herself, it does need to be addressed.

Unfortunately, there have been several teenage suicides, linked with bullying, and the sharing of explicit media that would ruin the reputations of teenagers.  The sad thing is, that the teens themselves create their own embarrassing videos and pictures, and the teens or share them with friends don’t have a conception of the long term consequences.  And people want to do something to stop the bullies.

But, are any of these people asking if the proliferation of internet porn is putting pressure on teenage girls to look like the porn models their boyfriends look like?  Is anybody asking if the amount of oversexualization of teenagers in television shows is lowering the bar for how much faith we have in teens to do the right thing?

It is very easy to point fingers at the mean people, the bigots, and the insensitive jerks out there… I don’t know that it is as easy to point the finger at ourselves for the way we, as a culture, have encouraged teenage promiscuity, libertarian use of pornography, birth control and the like.  How many of us have been daring enough to tell a teen, that we have faith enough in them, that they can live a sexually healthy chaste life by God’s grace…

teen suicide, bullying, and body image on adolescent girls

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