Grey October skies

Today was the funeral and burial for one of the sophomore students at our Augustinian High School, Saint Augustine HS “Saints.”  I never met him, not being involved in the school, and went to the Rosary the night before, in habit, to show support with all the rest of our Friars.

I was reminded of the loss of one of my own biology lab partners my sophomore to a Nitrous Oxide overdose, and his homeys tossed him in a garbage bin…

and for the first time I began to question the road I walked, and wondered if there was more to live for.

I had been feeling excruciating pain in my jaw, left side, particularly sensitive around one tooth, that apparently felt like a filling came out.  I had been meaning to get a new dentist since i moved here, but hadnt managed to spend more than two weeks in my own home most of the summer, at least to look at what was some strange bone growth in the bottom of my mouth in my gums.  The pain motivated me to make an appointment much sooner then anticipated.  It turned out i needed a root canal.  The dentist was mellow, kind and thorough.  Showing me the x-rays, he explained exactly what i needed to do.  Personally, I am glad he didn’t spend a whole lot of time talking down for me, accusing me or whatever for my tooth problems, like most other dentists.  We just planned to fix everything.

I made an appointment, was more scared then I needed to be.

My dad then calls me from the hospital, where he checked himself in, in order to deal with a recent breathing problem.  He stayed a few days, as they ran tests.  They were attempting to lower his heart rate, as the rhythm was way too fast.  When I talked to him on Tuesday, he sounded better, and felt better.  My brother, who visited him, commented that he looked well and normal.  And he was out, just about the time I finished the first major portion of my root canal.  My tooth is still sore when I touch it, but the pain meds do their job from letting it irritate me with pain otherwise.  I still have a lot of things to do with my teeth, I have put it off for a long time.  

But it is strange, all these things happening under a grey October sky.  I got some of the thunder I missed in from the Midwest.  But I really feel like I just can’t be taking life for granted.  I really don’t have an excuse.


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