Hip Hop Fashion is overrated

This kind of fashion is not hip hop or, rather hip hop is not about the fashion. It may be about making a fashion statement, but what is commonly considered hip hop is overrated.

For instance: The sideways hat with the sticker to look like it was just bought, the big black glasses, the sports jersey, the sagging bagging pants with a logo on the back pocket at about knee level, the big clean expensive shoes that cost more than the total coast of the whole outfit, or especially wearing beanies and phat snow jackets when there’s no snow outside. If somebody wants to “dress Hip Hop,” and all that, I don’t really care.

The funny thing is, that most popular hip hop artists don’t actually dress like that. take for instance Outkast, or Black Eyed Peas, I can’t think of ever seeing them dressed “Hip Hop,” at all. Or take Jay-Z, he is one classy dresser, and know how to dress for business. Just look at Common, Kanye, Mos Def, even Lil’ Wayne, and you’ll likely not find them wearing “Hip Hop.” Most hip hop artists are actually trend setters anyways, and don’t fit into those molds that their followers and listeners actually do.

But I think something beyond the externals is also significant. There is supposed to be a certain attitude that comes with hip hop, and it is strange remixed combination of inner-city aggression with self-effacing humor, and a little bit of unseen wisdom… If you want to wear anything, you can wear it with the right kind of attitude. Moreover, Hip Hop really has a lot more to do with the elements, and fashion, unfortunately has never been one of those elements.


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