Holy Day

So, dudes, like the Mother of Jesus, she was assumed body and soul into heaven!

Fact: it sounds strange, but if we were cooperating with God’s grace, open to His forgiveness, and growing in holiness, we may get a shot at heaven.

For Jesus, he had no problem entering the Holy of Holies, body and soul, when he Ascended into heaven, by virtue of his Divine Incarnation, Jesus overcame sin and death.

Most of us these days have lost the sense of what the Holy of Holies Sanctuary has meant to Christians for centuries, and the Jews before them. It would be like totally presumptuous for us to just enter the Pure and Glorious Presence of the Lord Most High, if we were covered in rotten sinful blemishes. Of course, God is merciful enough to send his Son to redeem us, and the Spirit to sanctify us.

There was one person who really embodied this purity that would be worthy enough to be in the Lord Most High’s Presence, and what better person, than she who would bear his Only Son. We, believe, as many Catholics have for centuries, that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was spared the stains of Sin, by God’s manifold Grace, in order to make way for the Lord’s entrance into Humanity.

It only logically follows, that if Mary was conceived Immaculate and pure, that she would be worthy to enter the Holy of Holies.

There had been a tradition in the Church for centuries, that Jesus had indeed reserved a special privilege for his Mother, one of being taken up to heaven by Jesus himself.

So, like, dudes, I write, mostly because tomorrow is a holy day, and I want you to get yo’self over to da church!